Universal GeoPower heralds the dawn of renewable electricity generation
from environmental friendly geothermal energy
produced from depleted oil and gas wells along the Texas coast.

  • Universal GeoPower is a green field renewable power generator. We will develop, own, and operate clean, renewable, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly geothermal and hydro energy-based electric power plants.

  • Low temperature, geopressured brine water will be produced from existing well bores along the Texas Gulf Coast.
    These well bores were originally drilled for oil and natural gas production.

  • Electrical power will be generated by running the very high pressure hot brine first through a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Turbo Expander, and secondly through the heat exchanger of a Organic Rankine Cycle binary generator.

  • We will sell associated natural gas production or use it as fuel for all parasitic load and coproduced heat introduced back into the system. We will use water and air for cooling the turbines.

  • Most of our revenues will be from the sale of electricity and will be derived from fully-contracted payments under long-term power purchase agreements. Renewable Energy Certificates, Carbon Offsets, Production Tax Credits, Investment Tax Credits and Clean Renewable Energy Bonds are all available as investment trading incentives.

  • The increasing demand for electricity generated from geothermal and other renewable resources in the United States and the further introduction of renewable portfolio standards are the most significant trends affecting our business today and in the immediate future.

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